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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Letter to The Black Man

Dear Mr. Black man,

I hate you. You murdered my family. Instead of putting a gun to their heads you chose an arsenal of apathy, disregard and unfiltered selfishness to assassinate them. Do you remember them? No, of course not. You were too busy being a stereotype to notice. The sad part is that we come from the same family.  I know, I’m just another uptight, irascible black woman bringing down the black man. I’m know, I’m being too hard on a brotha. Sure, put the blame on me since you won’t step up to the plate and take personal responsibility. Yeah, I said it. I’m not scared! I don’t care about airing dirty laundry— laundry that you sullied.

Don’t you want to know how you murdered the black family? Well for starters you began having children by several “baby mama’s” and then refused to take care of them. Those children—YOUR offspring-- are forced to grow up without a father. You couldn’t save yourself to marry that one special queen God designed for you. You had to have them all. Look what your lecherous behavior has cost us. Did you ever think about the consequences of your actions? I shudder to mention all those abortions you convinced your other girlfriends to have all because you didn’t feel like taking care of the children you enjoyed making. You started treating yourself like a buck—some kind of animal screwing around with so many women without any commitment. Then you met a woman who loved you and in return for her love you left her the STDs that you got from your life of unbridled lust and promiscuity. But of course a real man is defined by his conquests. So just how many women have you screwed....over?

You are the reason for our disgrace. You are the statistics that are stacked against our people. You’ve done things to our race that white people couldn’t begin to. You live up to the term 'nigger' and I’m tired of defending you. I’m tired of blaming the media and racism for everything that you aren’t. I’m tired of making excuses for your behavior, while you act like everything this society says we are.

I’m not through yet. You started off being allergic to clean living. You refused to get an education, because of the “easy and fast” money in the street. After all you can make more killing your brothers and sisters with dope, than you can in school. Then when all the hustle caught up with you, you were thrown into prison. Congratulations, now you have added having the highest incarceration of any other race to your repertoire. You must be so proud. Do you even remember all the crimes you committed? The brothers in the street you beat up or even killed for looking at you the wrong way. I know—I know you were just trying to get respect right? See you believe respect and fear are the same thing. How can you beat your brother like we were beaten in the days of slavery? How could you take the life of someone who looks like you? And all over…NOTHING! Or maybe you didn’t do it. But your boy did and you continued to hang with him. Stick by your homeboy no matter what, right?

Perhaps you haven’t done all of the above, but you listen to music that glamorizes it. Regardless of whether you purchased it, you still blare it in you car, memorizing its message, internalizing its insidious lyrics. To you and your music I’m just a B****. How can you call women that when they brought you into existence? I wanted great things for you. I raised you all by myself when your father left. Yet your music says I’m just a whore. You rob me. You rape me. You produce filth and dare to call it music. You set such horrible examples.

Speaking of examples, I remember all the time you spent putting together that demo tape thinking you gonna become a top selling (so called) artist. Or all the times you spent on the court practicing to be the next Jordan. Or all the time on the field, instead of in the books because you thought you were going to play for the NFL. When I approached you about it to try to encourage you, you told me there weren’t any good black examples. You believed the lie that the only way a black man can have money legally is if he is a sports player or entertainer. I challenged you to be the example that you are seeking and you laughed at me.

When I see you in college (congrats for making it even if it wasn’t based on your academic merit but on your sports abilities) you’re not studying. You’re smoking blunts on the bridge of OUR college with your boys. You’re clubbing and partying and rapping. You’re never apart of the prestigious honor societies. I never see you in those meetings. I can’t recall seeing you at the science conference, or the college’s mentor’s club. And your grades are deplorable! You chill all day in the student union and then you drop out because school is too hard. Because you just won’t try harder. Because your expecting people to just give you what you refuse to work for.

So you say, “I’m not like that.” I’ve graduated with dignity. I am a doctor or lawyer or engineer. But when you actually accomplish something that goes against your stereotype you brag and you get a big ego and you suddenly become too good for me--too good for us. You go out and seek a white wife. It is with her that you share all of your assets. It is she who mothers the children that will carry on your legacy--a legacy separate from mine. And those children will grow up to give up on us too. They will have no black identity. They won’t know of our history or heritage, because you didn't (couldn't) teach them. They will also marry white and their children, and their children, until our race is obliterated.

As for the black woman, we are tired of waiting for you. We become victims of the black man shortage that your unchecked behavior has caused. )You benefit from our pain like some kind of parasite. You have forced us to choose between a lifetime of loneliness or marriage outside of the race. Oh don’t say we don’t wait for you to clean up your act. We waited to love you. To marry you and only you. To be true to you and raise your legacy. But you hate us. You say we are goldiggers or that we are impossible to please. You say that your white woman status symbol is better than we are. Only she can understand your plight even though her ancestors are responsible for it. Thus you commit racism against your own people—your own women. You leave us disillusioned, hurt, vulnerable, and angry and you take no responsibility for it.

I hate you. I hate you for hating me and putting me down and being ashamed of me. I hate you for exploiting me. I hate you for what you have become and for what you have not become. I hate you for living up to what this society expects of you. I hate you for lying, deceiving, cheating, and hustling. I hate you for your promiscuity, violence, suicide, and homosexuality. I hate you for your misogyny. I hate you for your lack of conscience. I hate you for your lack of spirituality. I hate you for your indifference. And even if I could somehow forgive you for these betrayals, I hate you most of all for murdering my family. You murder OUR family. You murder us!

The black woman

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Anonymous said...

Not just black men.
Take a look at Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson's (The Other Jesse) editoral on blacks titled "Moral poverty cost blacks in New Orleans"

Here is a sample of what he wrote, "About five years ago, in a debate before the National Association of Black Journalists, I stated that if whites were to just leave the United States and let blacks run the country, they would turn America into a ghetto within 10 years. The audience, shall we say, disagreed with me strongly. Now I have to disagree with me. I gave blacks too much credit. It took a mere three days for blacks to turn the Superdome and the convention center into ghettos, rampant with theft, rape and murder."