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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Keep The Blog Alive!

So I've gotten some positive feedback from the blog. Most people seem to like what I have to say. Some people don't agree with me, but they think the blog is well written and that some of my points are valid. Some people HATE what I have to say, but nevertheless something compels them to keep coming back for more. For all of you, I have just one request: don't keep this blog to yourself! Share it with others. If you find one of my articles helpful or meaningful why not email it to your friends? I must explain that I work for free. Notice that there are no banners or advertisements or paypals on my page! That’s intentional! And I intend to keep it that way. The only payment I get from writing this blog is from people like you who appreciate it and spread the word about it. I created this thing so that I could get feedback in the form of comments, which would nurture intelligent discussions and the exchange of ideas. That is my reward. So share, share, share, and please folk don't use my words or ideas without my permission! Love ya very much. Keep this blog alive!

UPDATE: Yes I am silly! And proud that I just figured out how to work the i Movie software (a little anyway!)

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