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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Let's Give Injustice A Swift Kick in the Teeth!

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere--MLK

I've done enough talking on this blog about pressing social issues, now it's time for some action. Tomorrow is a crucial day for 6 black kids who have become victims of racism. If found guilty these kids could spend decades of their lives in jail. I have set my alarm clock tomorrow so I will be up early making phone calls to Louisiana officials in support of the Jena 6. I implore EVERYONE who subscribes to this blog (or anyone who maybe reading it now) to do the same and to tell your friends and colleagues. The phone numbers are

LaSalle Parish
Office Phone: (318) 992-8282
Office Fax: (318) 992-4731
Governor Kathleen Baineaux Blanco
Follow link for email: http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=pagebuilder&tmp=home&cpid=8

Just let them know who you are, where you're from and that you support the Jena 6. It's that easy!

Also please sign the petitions.

There is a link here that will help you make more phone calls (as many as you can every little bit helps) to support these youth. Lastly, if you do not have time to attend the protests that are happening all over the US, or if you don't have time to make phone calls, please wear Black tomorrow as it will signify your protest against this grave injustice. You can email this to all of your friends by clicking the email icon at the close of this blog entry. Don't just shake your head and sigh about the injustice that assaults our society. Let your voice be heard! I know I will.

Racism is a disease that can only be cured through collective efforts against it!

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Anonymous said...

I have heard so much about this on tv. I live in OKC & the NAACP marched on the capital today.