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Friday, November 2, 2007

I’m Not Buying It!

Would you pay $30 to read someone’s blog?!!! I wouldn't!

Today I’m blogging about a blog I used to visit by Evia Moore. I first read about Evia in a USA today story that someone emailed me. Curious, I did a simple Google search and there it was. Initially, I was impressed with her incisive arguments that black women need to expand their dating pool if they wish to attain quality partners. I also appreciated her empowering words about the beauty and brilliance of black women. A so-called womenist, Evia talked about how black women need to increase their self-esteem and improve their life conditions. How we should demand respect, love ourselves, and stay away from men who wish to keep us down. I don’t date, but her words helped reinforce my stance that black women and women everywhere should refuse to allow themselves to be used.

I bookmarked her website and frequented it a few times a week. Many times her anecdotes just amused and entertained me, especially her tirades about low down African American men. I tell you that her contempt of black men greatly surpasses my own, making my harshest criticisms seem almost like adoration. Yet despite my reservations about her black male bashing, (assigning them and those like them the term “damaged beyond repair”*) I still enjoyed her refreshing social commentary.

But then something strange happened to Evia Moore: she saw her name in print in that USA Today article. She began receiving attention in the form of praise and adulation through countless emails along with inordinate numbers of blog comments. She would post letters from her admiring fanbase, each worshiping her and uplifting her mighty name. Gradually she began to realize that her blog was no longer just a hobby, but that for some it was in itself a holy cyber-text. And then the dollar signs appeared! I can almost hear her saying, “My followers will do anything for me, now I will charge them just to read my sacred teachings”(insert maniacal laughter here). Thus the idea was born to charge people to subscribe to her blog. Ingenious? Yes. Hypocritical? You better believe it! Having implied that her dedication to black women was payment enough for her efforts, now the real Evia comes out--the Evia who wants to get paid!

The last few articles have convinced me of that fact more than anything else. An old fan of hers was chewed up and spit out when she challenged Evia’s unfair price. (All those who dare go against Evia the Great are chewed out like the apostates they are!) One of her former fans writes of Evia's blog "her tone was disgusting lately .......Money takes over and rules.” To which Evia the Great writes “You, nor anyone else, is entitled to MY time, energy, talent, skills, abilities, wisdom or anything that I can offer--NOT for FREE.” This woman has an amazing sense of her own importance. She frequently threatens to delete her blog, “pack it up” in her words, if people don’t believe in her anymore, but hundreds of her cult followers always write in and demand her to stay. She knows just how much some people “need” her, after all she has convinced them that she is the way, the truth, and the light and that hers is the only advice that can unshackle them from darkness.

Perhaps, some might argue, Evia has experienced financial difficulties and thus needs the extra money? Maybe her “husband” got tired of sharing her with the cyber world and divorced her butt? If that’s the case than the picture Evia has painted is quite contrary. According to her she has money. She frequently talks about how comfortable her life is now that she has married a white man. She has commented on how she too benefits from white privilege through her union with a white man. She boasts that she is well taken care of, not just sexually or romantically, but financially as well. If Evia has lied about these things than I suspect that she would be capable of lying about others.

Her husband is supposed to be so supportive and wonderful to her yet she has written in her own words “y'all, this world can get so lonely!” and “I’m just a crafts artist who lives on a rural farm with nothing but mules, sheep, rabbits, groundhogs, cats, and squirrels to keep me company on any given day. Most times, I don't see another person out here for days, during the day--just acres of farmland. I just have my brain to keep me company.”

Her brain and the buckets of money she’s making by charging $29.94 for a measly three month subscription to her blog! Heck for 18.96 cents you can buy a whole year supply of Essence magazine, for $16.97 you can have a YEAR supply of Ebony, for $26 you can have a YEAR subscription to Jet. These are all leading black interests magazines written by established journalists! Not to mention, for $0 you can read the randomness I choose to type here! Since she “loves black women” so much you’d think this money was going to a shelter for battered women, or to breast cancer research, or something that was actually helping women! The only black woman Eve is helping is herself—to all of the money affluent moron's are donating to fund her egoism. Just think her blog, hosted by blogger for free, draws over 1,000 visitor a day! If every one were to purchase a subscription…well you do the math!

But what exactly are people paying her for? A sidebar full of pictures of interracial couples collected through her cyber-drones’ research. Several pictures of single black women being auctioned off to white men. Merchandise she's selling that advertises in a not so subtle way that the wearer is open to just about anything or anyone. Hundreds of well-articulated, yet redundant articles with one of the following (or a combination as) the premise:

1)White men take better care of black women than black men do
2) One should pursue love despite color, no matter what others say
3) Other races of women have been successful at finding interracial mates, why should black women limit themselves
4) Many of the things that the black community teaches conflicts with what is best for the black woman
5) African American men are scum (hey you can get that from my blog)

There! I just gave you a summary of what she rails about AND for free. No need for you to pay her $30 to read it over and over and over and over again!

I’ve mentioned before that I am broke! I don’t have a white man to take care of me. Many times I cannot even afford to take care of my cat! No, I don’t want donations; I’m just keeping it real. I feel what I have to say is valuable too, but you don’t see any pay pals, banners, advertisements, or subscription notices on my page. It’s free, because I am doing something I love, and I will not charge people for something that brings me joy. I’m not hating on those bloggers who have chosen to go that route, but merely saying that that is not the purpose of this site. If I get really poor I may put an optional tip jar on the blog, but it’ll always be OPTIONAL. I love writing and I love those I write for and keeping my blog free proves that!

There are several valuable interracial blogs out there, that won’t charge you a cent! In fact, when I typed in “black women interracial dating” into the great Google Blogsearch I received 16,948 hits, which suggests that there are countless people engaged in a discourse about the controversial topic of black women dating interracially. Among them is Classical over at http://whitemenforblackwomen.blogspot.com/ and Halima at http://dateawhiteguy.blogspot.com/. These are quality blogs that discuss such relationships in depth. And guess how much they
Charge? $0!

Go there! Don’t let some woman with a Messiah-complex manipulate your vulnerabilities in order to exploit you for cash! Who knows who this women is or whether or not she is actually married, no less than to a white man. We’ve never seen pictures of the two of them together. There is no evidence of such a relationship accept of course what Evia says. So don’t buy the hype people!

Ultimately, narcissism, not altruism, as she would have people believe, fuels her desire to blog. It’s her prerogative to charge money, she can choose to do with her site what she wishes, but I still think that she’s a megalomaniac looking for a following. Obsessed with her own successful blog she’s now prostituting her “advice” to those desperate enough to read it. She claims that she has black women’s interest at heart, but just like a lot of the advice she peddles, I’m not buying it!


Shirl said...

I'm not bothered by Evia's charging for people to read her blog. She's got tons of info there for free. Plus, i see it as someone making a product: anything from blueberry muffins to shoes or whatever. If the product becomes very popular, I totally understand wanting to start a business by charging money.

Grata said...

Hey Crystal,

I already love your blog.

You were a little hard on Evia though. The "messiah complex"?
Ouch! Some of the stuff is really below the belt. But if that is your style, so be it. We will just sit back and enjoy the show.

But some times in life one needs some adversarial friction to get back to their senses.

WIll keep visiting

Anonymous said...

Crystal, you took the words out of my mouth. I WAS a big fan of Evia. No matter how she spins it, greed has replaced altruism.

Love your blog!!!!

Trinity said...

I will say that, since talk is generally known to be cheap, I see no reason to pay for it. I'm not paying for a blog. I agree with you on that point. If people want to pay Evia to read her bloggery I guess that is a transaction that works for her and them. I see nothing wrong with your criticsm since you are not trolling Evia's site but expressing your opinion in your own domain.

Anonymous said...

Evia probaby won't get too many subscribers to her blog. Not because she doesn't have a decent blog (because she does). But simply because they are too many free IR blogs that are just as interesting or better than hers. It is simple supply and demand. The supply is just too plentiful.

However I don't begrudge her for trying to make a buck. $30 dollar subscription for a blog! Well. . . I guess a sucker is born every minute.

Sandra said...

I don't why people get so upset about Evia charging for one of her blogs (i.e., she still has a free blog available also). If you think something is worth paying for and the price is right, you buy. If not, you don't. Some people are willing to pay the price for certain information, and some are not. For example, Starbucks - I will NEVER pay $3 for a cup of coffee (it helps that I am not really a coffee lover!), but there are plenty of people who are willing to pay that (and more) 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It's almost as if we take it as a personal affront that this woman would even THINK to charge for one of her blogs. I wonder if that's one of the reasons that we see so little entrepreneurship in the black community and such a mindset about getting things for free (and then proceed not the value these things because they didn't cost us anything)? So what if she charges for her blog? Pay or don't pay. Read or don't read. It's really just that simple. And as you said, if you don't want to pay, there are other free IR blogs - it's not like raising the price of gasoline or food. It's mindboggling the type and degree of vitriole that Evia's charging for one of her blogs has produced.

Anonymous said...

I'm not bothered by Evia's charging for people to read her blog. She's got tons of info there for free. Plus, i see it as someone making a product: anything from blueberry muffins to shoes or whatever. If the product becomes very popular, I totally understand wanting to start a business by charging money.

ITA. Don't like? Just keep it moving.


Anonymous said...

Crystal why are you so hot and bothered.?
Like another reader said, if you don't like it..keep going. No need to bash another black women. I think we've been bashed enough as is. Also I think you have misread her intentions deliberately. She does not have an abhorrence towards black men..she has an abhorrence towards Damaged black (or any)men who treat black women (since that is her focus) poorly.

Are you a hidden Mammy Crystal?

Nicole said...

I totally agree with you Crystal! And also the way she went about it. All of a sudden you get a messages saying you need a password to get to the blog. I emailed her about the password and, she said she was just updating her blog and it would be open to all in a few minutes. The next two days she said her blog was no longer free. That was just a way for her to see how many people would pay for her blog. A lot of blogs use ads and/or donations for financial support. Evia's blog would have been nothing if it wasn't for all the research and emails she received from dedicated readers. We didn't charge to give her pictures or send her articles. Evia is out to help Evia and no one else. She thinks by speaking in Ebonics makes it okay to say things. Even though at one time I loved her blog I could hear the hatred she had towards Black men. And don't even let me start about I-Swap. Another way for Evia to make money by selling false self-esteem to people. If you can't tell anyone about yourself on your own then you shouldn't be dating. You should spend time getting to know you. Evia is just a well cloaked Mammy.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that there are women out there who are willing to pay money for a) common sense advice and b) info that you can find in books, better blogs and on a google search.

Better them than me.

Gemini said...

Evia is a capitalist. If someone wants to pay for her blog, then all I can say is "You go girl!" Wish I was enterprising enough to come up with something to make money so easily.

Her blog is nice though, so I don't hate her for being enterprising. That's what America is all about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal. My name is Sharon and I am a 40 something Black woman who stumbled upon Evias blog back in the early part of 2007. At first, I really enjoyed reading it and she had good advice in the beginning. Later on, she seemed to be going off on the deep end when she would call unmarried Black women "mammies". In one of her blog archives, she had the nerve to call Oprah and Condi Rice mammies because they are not married and over 40. She seems to think that every Black woman who doesn't have a man is deficient or weird. I have dated interracially many times and have no problems with white men being attracted to me. I feel that a woman of any color should be able to date and marry whomever she wants to and not be restricted to men of her own racial/ethnic group. I firmly believe in freedom of choice in a mate. I personally dont believe that Evia is really married to a white man or any man for that matter. I always wondered why she never posted any pics of her and her so called husband Darren on her blog, but had pics of other couples. I also heard somewhere out on the net that some of the celebrities complained about their pics being on her site. Some of them had even threatened to sue her if she did not remove them from her site. I also know that a lot of those celebrity couples are no longer married or dating each other. I remember one time last year she had a pic about Orlando Bloom and some black girl that he was dating. Evia acted like as if they were about to be engaged or married. Anyway, late last year in the local newspaper in my city, I read in the entertainment section that O. Bloom was seen with Jennifer Aniston at some beach resort in Mexico! I think that Evia is a big liar and a fraud and she has the nerve to charge money for a blog! She has an awful lot of time to blog and there is no way that she could be married to anyone. I am single and have an at home office job and a part time craft business and I do not have that much time to do blogging and such! I think that Evia is a nutcase who should be ignored.

Sarah said...

I agree Crystal. Initially, I thought Evia's blog was about telling back women that there are many options open to them and that dating interacially was one way to expand one's dating circle. However, it seems that all she does now is talk about how black men are bad and how they mistreat women. The implication is that white men are somehow perfect beings who don't have bad credit, baby mamas, low salaries, low education, etc. Please. I agree that the the number of dateable black men is low, but I am also not going to act like every white man is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with you and your naysayers. Evia was a pioneer for black women. She opened up my eyes to alot of hypocrisy in our community towards black women. We are not valued at all by our men and you know it too. If a white, latino,jew,or asian man wants to take the black of our"kings' than so be it.
I was one of the subscribers for three months. i enjoyed it.I did not particulary care for the mammy chronicles, but I left after that controversy. Some of your criticisms of Evia was unwarranted. i think there is jealousy among black women today and it needs to stop now. I was also a researcher. I found pics for her to post for her blog and was waived my monthly fee. So I only paid for one month and got two months free.
I am not naive or dumb. I have a Masters degree from FSU and I attended a HBCU for undergrad. So I was exposed to both black and white environments. I have been dating interracially for four months now and I am having a great time. I went on fourteen dates so far. 12 with WM and 2 with BM. So do the math there,if I had stuck with dating BM like last year I would average one date a month. Dating is a numbers game girlfriend so you have to date out to meet quality men. So lets be for real.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to stumble on Evia blog yesterday....I know late to the party. I'm a black man, and I feel after reading her blog that she feels that only white men can be good matches for black women. And that black men are the scum of the earth, for well, acting like other men. White women say all men are dogs, black women say only black men are. But if we act differently, ya'll don't want us. Hell, after reading Evia's blog I feel that some men would want to just castrate themselves, because after all we are no good, only use black women for sperm containers (all men do that to all women), and we as black men are only good for sports and entertainment,and getting that good weed.

Anonymous said...

Hi, crystal bm have blk mothers and if the son is no good then what does that say about his mother? A mother is the first teacher of a child. You tell your sons to don't bring home dark skined women instead get yourself a light skined girl, then complain when he does. Good luck in your competition with ww for wm us bm will be alright.

Crystal Clear said...

I publish most responses because I am a nice person. Your response is hilarious to me because it is evident you didn't bother to read the post. You just read the title and assumed you knew what I was talking about. LOL. I'm not talking about wm or bm or orange men I'm talking about exploiting people's vulnerabilities for cash. Now either read what I wrote (write) or don't bother commenting here any more. Blogs are not for the illiterate.

Anonymous said...

Extremely late to this party by several years! But let's be real we have no trouble 'paying' others for the advice, self help blog and all manner of things. Why is it suddenly an issue to pay this woman if you want her material? As you said go and stay in the 'free spaces'. Who in their right mind doesn't get a bit excited to see their work appreciated by media. A bit of sour grapes,not necessary to write something so scathing just stop reading her blog and move on if it doesn't work for you. What did we do before there was an internet where we could try to shame folks publicly?