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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Response to the Hater's: Unscripted!

Here we go again. This is in response to my article Boycott All Men. Took me a while to put this little podcast together. Forgive the length but I attracted a LOT of haters, and had such a limited time to address them. I was also quite tired, as I always seem to get inspired to do these things late at night.


Anonymous said...

The reason you got so much 'hate' as it were was because you weren't objective(and a forum tends to be both sided). You made a very one sided point of view and that inevitably leads to criticism. It may be your experiences and observations but many other people have experience and observations of women being the abusers. It's wrong to separate morality of actions on the basis of sex as that is one thing which doesn't determine what we do or how we treat people. Do you see black and white when you look at people? Or is it just a skin colour which has no affect on behaviour? When you look at someone or what they do you should just see a person, good or bad, but usually both at different times unless you know someone perfect.
FYI 1. The fish analogy comes from a very common phrase about there being plenty more fish in the sea, it's frequently used as a comforting statement when a lowlife treats someone like shit and they feel down before finding someone else.
Although in a way we do all 'fish' for that perfect person because if we don't want to date them we don't keep them we throw them back.
It seems very apt and appropriate if you step back and look at it without bias about all men hating all women. You can say the same about men in the pond if you like.
FYI 2. An overcrowded pond filled with moronic fish doesn't make all fish the same.

Think about all that.

"L is for Loquacious" said...

So I was under the impression that blogs represent the thoughts/opinions of the author. Is that not the case?

I think you're missing the point. You can disagree with the posting all you want. Heck,Crystal is one of my favorite people I have love for the girl and I still disagree with many of the points. But disagreeing with facts/opinions is very different from disrespecting the author.

I would venture to say that I think Crystal writes this blog to encourage folks to *think* about complex issues. In this sense the useful exercise occurs when you (the reader) encounter contradictory or complimentary arguments which force you to either reevaluate or support your beliefs. This is the realm in which development can occur.

Don't like it? Don't read. The "next blog" button is located at the top of your screen. Use it. And please take all that drama with you. No one is forcing you to challenge your own opinions. No one is forcing you to entertain arguments that differ from you own. It really is that simple. But if you do decide to stay and read, you should at least be respectful to the author.

I'm just saying.

Crystal Clear said...

Thanks for the support "l is for loquacious". Those are the points I've been trying to make. It's my blog. Blogs are inherently subjective. Moreover, Yes, I do write because I want people to think about the issues. No matter what side of the spectrum you are on we can agree that there is an issue with our gender relations and that something should be done to remedy that. Say you don't agree with my methods and then give a counter argument, but don't try to rip me apart because you don't like what I said. If folk want to do that, then they can keep it moving.