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Friday, March 21, 2008

Hypocrisy is Bliss

The other day an associate of mine called me to ask a deep spiritual question (sarcasm). He asked if it were appropriate for him to eat chicken and fish during his Good Friday observance. My answer was that different denominations have different ways of honoring the Easter weekend, but that Biblically there was nothing wrong with it. After all there is nothing in scripture that mandates us to fast. Fasting should be voluntary as it helps us to build our relationship with Christ. I also suggested to him that if he felt convicted about the issue that he should simply abstain from eating it. One should never go against his convictions.

The most interesting thing about this situation is that this associate of mine is an avid porn watcher. I mean he has literallly gigabytes of his hard drive dedicated to the exploitation of God’s most precious creation for his sexual gratification. He has no problem heading out to the strip club or engaging in premarital sex, yet his concern is about chicken. Talk about screwed up priorities. I won’t take this time to go into a diatribe about why pornography is morally offensive, damaging to women, spiritually bankrupting, and unequivocally perverse, no I’ll save that for a later blog. I’m writing this to merely point out the day to day hypocrisy in which so-called Christians live. Sometimes I find my own religion overwhelmingly frustrating.

I believe a person should get his insides taken care of first and then work on the outward appearances. If someone is more concerned about his diet that his spiritual integrity then my humble opinion is just eat the chicken! After all such a person has bigger fish to fry! That's it for now. I'll revisit this topic in future posts.

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