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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Blog You Might NOT Want to Read—that is, if you want to hold onto your biases.

What would you do if I told you that there was a book that predicted the rise and fall of kingdoms and the end of the world? And what if I told you that this book was located inside of a huge encyclopedia of books written on three different continents, by over 40 writers of diverse backgrounds, over a period of 1500 years? You’d probably dismiss me as some kind of religious lunatic. And you might even be justified in doing that unless of course I could back it up. But suppose that one event in this prophetic book came to pass and I could verify it through history and archeology. Then you might be skeptical but more willing to listen to this lunatic. And what if there were 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 events that this books predicted centuries before it happened and once more I could verify it. If you were serious about your biases you could ignore me, click off this blog and never return to it. Yet if you are really open-minded and you love truth perhaps you would listen and believe in the divine power of a volume of books bound together that the Christians now call the Bible. Perhaps you could give it a fair chance, evaluate it, and draw your own conclusions. Friends what I’m about to share with you is nothing short of prophetic. If I’m correct than you’ll have serious biases to confront. This one prophecy written in a little-read book of the Bible has been responsible for converting more atheists and skeptics to Christianity than perhaps any other.

So decide for yourself now. You might not like what you read here or you might be like some who have gotten angry at me for sharing it. But know that once you read this you will not be the same. Leave or keep reading. The choice is yours.

For those brave souls that are still reading I will proceed. 2500 years ago in 600B.C. A Hebrew named Daniel wrote the prophetic book that now bares his name. He and his friends were taken from their homes and forced to walk across the dessert to Babylon and become slaves. Their names were changed and their culture was ripped away from them. They were to be educated in the Babylonian system and then set up as puppet rulers over Hebrew provinces to proclaim the might of Babylon. But then things get interesting. The king of Babylon has a strange dream and wakes up overwhelmed with anxiety. Immediately he calls together his wisemen in hopes that they might reveal to him the dream and the interpretation. WHAT? You might be thinking. How can someone tell you what you dreamt if you’ve forgotten it? Well, that’s what they were on the royal payroll for. Frustrated, his wisemen told him that “there is not a man on earth who can tell the king’s matter” Dan 2:10. So the king gives them an ultimatum. Either they tell him what he dreamt and what it means, or they could be slaughtered and have their houses turned into bathrooms. If they could reveal the dream to him than they would be richly rewarded and honored.

Enters Daniel.

The kings guard knocked on Daniel's door ready to kill him and his friends too. So Daniel does the only logical thing he can do: he asks for more time. See Daniel doesn’t know the dream, but he is confident that his God knows it. He and his friends have an all-night prayer session and God reveals the dream and interpretation to him in a vision.

Boring! You might be saying. Big deal nice story but what about all that stuff you said at the beginning of this blog? Well I’m getting to that now. So Daniel goes to the anxious King. Keep in mind Daniel is only about 20 years old at his time and now he standing before the most powerful man on earth! The conversation went something like this. “So can you help me or not” ask King Nebuchadnezzar. “No I can’t. I’m not wise or special, but my God has revealed these truths to me”. “Ok I’m listening.”

“You had a dream of a huge metal man. It was awesome to look at. It had a head of gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, long legs of iron, and feet of clay and iron. Then suddenly a rock is cut out with out hands and hits the metal man on the feet and crushes the whole thing into to smithereens so that nothing was left of it! Then the rock grew and became a mountain that took over the entire earth.” I can just imagine that pagan king jumping up and down. “Yeah! Yeah! That’s what I dreamt. That’s it!” But here is where stuff gets interesting. Now what if the Bible just stopped right here and we had to guess what all this stuff means. We’d probably all come up with different and bizarre interpretations, but the Bible interprets itself! We don’t have to guess it will tell us what it means.

Daniel 2:36-46 gives the interpretation. Daniel tells the king that the head of gold represents Babylon. Now that was an appropriate symbol of such a rich and powerful kingdom. We’ve discussed this kingdom and just how it went down in 539 B.C. here. Afterward another inferior kingdom would arise--just as silver is inferior to gold. The image had two arms which represented the Meads and the Persians the two kingdoms who would join ranks to overtake the massive Babylonian kingdom. They ruled from 539 to 331 B.C. until another kingdom came and took them down. This kingdom was the Greece Empire which ruled from 331 to 168B.C. Interestingly enough the Grecian soldiers wore bronze armor, but they were trashed by the “iron monarchy of Rome”which ruled for 700 years. (Guess what kind of armor these dude wore?)

Now if this were just a guessing game we could keep naming kingdoms. But the vision tells us (and world history corroborates it) that Rome would NOT be conquered it was instead divided. And into how many pieces you might ask? Well how many toes do you have? How many toes do you think this metal man had? 10! Let’s count. Rome was divided into the following kingdoms.

1) Alamanni/ modern-day Germans
2) Burgundians/ modern-day Swiss
3) Franks/ modern-day French
4) Lombards/ modern-day Italians
5) Saxons/ modern-day English
6) Suevi/ modern-day Portugese
7) Visigoths/ modern-day Spanish
8) Heruli/ Extinct (I’ll tell you about that in future blogs)
9) Ostogoths /Extinct
10) Vandals/ Extinct

That’s 10! Don’t believe me than you can check your encyclopedia. These world empires really did exist and they came on the scene in the exact order the Bible predicted. But it gets better! Daniel 2:43 says of the clay and iron feet that just as iron and clay do not mix (just ask any chemist) neither would these kingdoms. They would “mingle themselves with the seeds of men but they would not adhere to one another.” In other words, Europe would try over and over again through intermarriage to unite all of its kingdoms again into one huge Empire but the Bible says it would not work. So the Princess of this country would marry the Prince of that country but still Europe would remain divided. What’s happened to historical figures who’ve tried to outsmart God? Let’s see.

Charlemagne- Unsuccessful!
Charles V- Unsuccessful!
Louis 14th- Unsuccessful!
Napoleon- Unsuccessful!
Hitler- Unsuccessful!

The Bibles says that Europe would never again be united and it is not! Daniel tells the king that the dream is certain. He’s sure about what God has revealed to him.

But what about that rock that would hit the image on the feet. Well the feet represent the time we are living in now: the time of divided Europe. Daniel says that during this time which he refers to as the “latter days” (Daniel 2:28) a stone would be cut out without human hands (divine hands) that would destroy all these other kingdoms completely. This kingdom would take over the entire earth and never be conquered. It would reign forever. This kingdom is none other than God’s kingdom!

Now don’t take my word for it. Go to your history books and encyclopedias and you’ll see that 600 years before the time of Christ, God revealed the future to a pagan King. Daniel says “the interpretation is sure”. What does it mean if the Bible predicted all of these events. If it really did than why would we not trust it to predict the final event: The eternal reign of God’s kingdom? This book has to be supernatural! I don’t know what you believe. I don’t know what biases cloud your mind, but intellectual dishonesty won’t cut it. If your historical research pans out and supports what I’ve written here than there is only ONE conclusion you can come too. Friends I’ve already come to mine. What would keep you from making your decision too?

For more information you can read Daniel Chapter2 in its entirety here.


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You keep goin', Girl.


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I really love your articles. This one is very good. I haven't read anything about your hair story lately. Hows that coming along?

Katie said...

I love Daniel! I just recently read through most of Daniel in my Bible study...we can all learn many good lessons from Daniel! :-)