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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Naked Truth

Unless the transformation has taken place unbeknownst to me and in the last few seconds, I am not a man. Nor am I particularly sensitive to the plight of the male species. So the blog you are about to read is from a woman’s perspective. I’d like to talk about a problem that I started seeing on my campus. “Seeing” is the best way to describe it as I am talking about the lewd, trashy, and down-right pornographic way that women on my campus dress. Yeah, I said it. (Of course I realize that what I am seeing is only a microcosm of what’s going on all over Western society).

Now let me take a few minutes to address all of the haters. No, I am not jealous because some of these women may (or may not) have better figures than me. No, I am not ultra-conservative in my views on modest dress, and no, I am not a lesbian. In fact, it is precisely because of how repulsed I am to see the nudity of my fellow women that I am writing this blog.

The other day I went to the administration building to pay off my school bill. I was simply in line minding my own business when I was confronted with it! (though I was standing several feet away). --A nicely-shaped woman in a see-through dress. Now this woman probably never even saw me. In fact, she knows virtually nothing about me, and yet I have seen her most intimate parts. It’s not just the nicely shaped women who are parading their goodies. No seems to be everybody. So cellulite, stretch marks, bulging bellies and all are on display for the world to see. The problem has nothing to do with the shape or beauty of the woman, but of a lack of self-respect and respect for others.

A quick brisk walk to one of my classes and I can could count the thongs, breasts, thighs, behinds, and midriffs all belonging to woman of various levels of attractiveness. In fact, sometime this week I noticed a woman who had on CLOTHES! I gasped. I was not quite sure what to say or how to react. She had on a stylish outfit and yet nothing inappropriate showing. The sight was almost mind-boggling. I had gotten so used to seeing people’s anatomy that when I encountered someone who was fully clothed it was as strange a sight as a flying saucer.

Men notice it too. In fact, I dare say that men share some of the blame for why women dress the way they do. Which woman get’s male attention (positive or negative) the one who is baring all her body for the world to see or the modestly dressed sophisticated woman? We know the answer to that. If men didn't stare and gush over the naked women or if the few decent men would show their appreciation and kindness to those women who do dress appropriately, I think we would see a shift in women’s fashion. I’m not holding my breath for that one.

Still one of the few half-decent guys on my campus had a conversation with me in which he expressed how difficult it is to study or simply walk to class when there is a smorgasbord of flesh before your eyes. In frustration he asked, “What am I supposed to do? If I look one way there’s a naked woman, if I look the other way there is a naked woman. I don’t want to look, but I can’t help but see it!” I nodded my head in agreement, but there was nothing I could say to this poor Christian brother, except that some women aren’t aware of what they are doing.

I don’t believe all these women are out to be sluts. I’ve been to the clothing stores. I know what they sell. The fashionable trend seems to be nudity. The more naked the more “in” the style is. The beginning of this summer I went on a quest to find a modest bathing suit. I need something comfortable that I could swim in without having to worry about it coming off. I also wanted something modern that didn’t look like my grandmother should be wearing it. Alas I nearly gave up. With so few pieces of material I figure I could save money and be more conservative if I simply wore my birthday suit! Finally, I spotted a comfortable pair of swim shorts and an unrevealing halter top. Mall shopping is not easy either. My aunt and I were out on a leisurely shopping trip when my aunt pointed to what she thought was a top. “This is pretty” she suggested. I looked at it in agreement, and then I saw that it was not a top at all but an entire outfit! That day my aunt and I had to read all the clothing labels in order to discern which pieces were tops, and which were dresses and outfits! I found a couple of tops that worked, but only if I wore other tops under them or covered them with a jacket or wrap. Unfortunately, I have to spend more money buying extra pieces to cover up the revealing outfits if I want to dress appropriately and stylishly.

Sometimes it’s not that all women want to dress like hookers, it’s just that that may be what is most easily available to wear. I am also thoroughly convinced that some women don’t know how disrespectful and distracting their clothing (or lack thereof) is.

Another reason I am so concerned is because of sexism in our society. We live in a world that does not value women. Women are simply looked at as objects of beauty instead of God-created, intelligent, persons, endowed with basic human rights. Men are quick to generalize women’s behavior, concluding that we are not worthy of respect or are somehow inferior to them. In fact, some writers suggest that when a man meets a woman he has to decide whether he wants to respect her. Instead of showing her basic human dignity, a man will size her up and force her to prove she is worthy of respect. Men don’t view women as equals. They automatically assume that women are less than or somehow unworthy. Now I’m not talking about what is fair, I’m talking about what is REAL. Why should we give men (whether they be our employers, professors, mailmen, or companions) any assistance in forming their misguided stereotypes? In essence, why would we want to add fodder to their patriarchal attitudes? Like it or not we are all interconnected and the behavior of just a few people can affect how people view the rest of us.

So here is some practical advice to women.

I should not know what you look like naked. I don’t know you!
I should not see your underwear or lack of underwear.
Your private parts are called “private” parts for a reason.
Consider the length of your clothes when you are standing and sitting down (often times there is a huge difference in length).
Beachwear and everyday clothing are two very different things.
Thighs, breast, stomachs, lower backs, crotches, and behinds are NOT for public display. Save that for your husband the rest of us don’t need or want to see it!

And that’s the naked truth.


Angel said...

Woot Woot! (That means I agree, lol).

Amanda J said...

Speak it sister!!! I've noticed this issue a lot as well. I think some of the cases are because of self-esteem issues, which are again propelled by society's obsession with plastic body parts and what is "real" beauty...unfortunately, I don't think they realize that this is a problem that they have created and will most likely never get away from!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I stumble on your blog because I found Evia blog (I'm one of those scummy black men--you know the one who has a job, a car, and loves black women). I don't know what grad school you attend in B-more, but I went to Morgan State for my undergrad (class of 99), and most of the women dressed classy, if not spent a lot of time in the morning dressing in high heels and skirts (NYC girls), or tight jeans (PG Co. girls). But most people, not just women, DO NOT know how to dress properly. Just go to the courthouse downtown, and look at what comes through, women so scantily clad that you'd think they came from Brazil's Carnival. And dudes who have their jeans half way down their legs, and talking about "The judge needs to RESPECT me!"

I firmly believe that this is a result of lax standards in the US (remeber the incident with the girl wearing flipflops to see the Pres.?)and it will continue to get worse.