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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Mr. Obliviously selfish

When we met you were so kind and so sweet to me. You won me over with your words, but then I realized your actions did not correspond.
You said you wanted to protect me
You said you wanted me to feel special.
You said you would come see me.
You said you would call me.
You said you were honest.
You said you were different from the other guys.
You said I could trust you
You said you were a Christian
You said I should give you a second chance
You said you were looking for a good woman
You showed you would hurt me if it benefited you.
You showed your idea of making me feel special was to make me feel disappointed and angry.
You showed you’d back out of plans cowardly at the last minute if there was any sign of conflict.
You showed you would call me when things are going well and disregard me the other times.                   
You showed you would lie if the truth painted you in a bad light.
You showed that you were fair weather and that your interests came with strings attached.
You showed that I cannot trust you because your idea of truth depends on what bests suits you.
You showed you would jettison your morality if the temptation was sweet enough.
You showed that second chances turn to third and fourth chances and yet you possess no real remorse nor do you evidence any real change.
You showed that when a good woman came along you wouldn’t know how to treat her
So why should I continue to keep you in my life? I would give anything if your words were reinforced by your actions but your character has been called into question. So that leaves me with just one decision to make. 

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