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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

America Might Have Talent, But We Certainly Don’t Have Any Class

Those who know me know that I don’t watch tv, so when I happen to catch a few minutes of the idiot box in passing, I often feel blown away by the sheer amount of  negative content. Tonight I saw a few minutes of the popular show America’s Got Talent. One of the segments included a twelve year old boy who stood up and told dirty jokes. In just a few minutes, he made references to genitalia and oral sex among other inappropriate topics. I was amazed, mostly because these innuendos had come from the mouth of a child and that his parents allowed him to come on television and say these types of things. 

To make matter's worse the audience went wild!! They loved it, praising the boy for being "naughty". The judges ate it up and NOBODY, including his parents, had any objections to the child's “talent". I remember shaking my head and wondering if there was any morality or common decency left on this planet.

I believe that we are what we take in. The type of content we expose ourselves to, the decisions we make day to day, and the words we say all become part of who we are and ultimately who we are becoming.  I often encourage people to turn the TV off or at least limit the time watching it and to be careful about the kind of content they view. Hollywood doesn’t care about your moral sensibilities. It doesn’t care about good or bad. It does not consider children’s moral development. The media is a cash vacuum looking to fill its coffers with maximum profits regardless of the ill effects---including the immorality and desensitization to immorality it leaves in its wake.

I am not here to judge any particular tv show or to scrutinize anybody’s television habits. I just want people to think intelligently about the decisions they make.  I hope that somewhere out there that 12 year old boy hears  messages like the ones contained in this post. I hope he and his parents consider how he is contributing in a miniscule way to the poison churning through the media. I hope that they realize how the media is exploiting their child for a few cheap laughs. Mostly, I hope that that young man cultivates real talent, and maybe even a touch of class.

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