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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Don't Follow Me!

One of the things I like about my quiet little home here in cyberspace is that, well, it's quiet. Though I do have some people who write me to let me know they appreciate what I do or that they agree with a certain post, no one is following me. I have no "fans". No one wants to emulate everything I do. No one is angry with me if I don't get back to them and I am not so inundated with comments that I don't have the time to reply.But some bloggers and vloggers have a different experience here on the interwebs.

 First, can I say that I take issue with the concept of "following" someone. That's one of many reasons that I do not have a twitter page and have no intention of making one...ever! Hashtag that! I am a person. A mere mortal. Just like all the other bloggers and vloggers out here. Sure, some have great fashion advice, some are gifted entertainers, some brilliant comedians, and talented storytellers, but none worthy of "following." Why? Because "following" has an extremely religious connotation and I believe that there is only one person who said "follow me" who was worthy of following and his name is Jesus Christ.

Religious convictions aside, people should be careful who they chose to emulate. Sure that vlogger you watch might have impeccable fashion sense, but if you get so wrapped up in what he or she is wearing or how she styles her hair, or what color gloss she uses, you lose your individuality. For the sake of full disclosure, I admit that I subscribe to a number of fashion oriented vlogs, so I'm certainly not condemning them or any other youtube genre. What I am saying is that we need to remember that folk are folk! That same entertainer you idolize may have a drug problem. That hilarious youtube comedian, might suffer from clinical depression. That beautiful fashionista you strive to be just like, might have low self-esteem or be battling an identity crisis. And the list goes on. As talented as people may be, we are inherently flawed, which is yet another reason why we should not follow human beings.

Another issue is that everyone seems to have the dream of monetizing, which is not necessarily wrong. In fact, during a particularly broke time in my life I had dreams of dollars signs too. But there are consequences when you do things solely  for money--compromises you make. Sometimes those compromises even result in a loss of integrity of the product you originally produced. There are actually people out here who want to be professional youtubers, and bloggers? Smh. Try putting that on a resume. Also realize that some of the people being idolized don't even care about their fan base--they will product review snake oil and pimp it out to the masses in order to put an easy dime in their own pockets.

There are a few events that have happened in the last few days that prompted me to write this post. I plan to address them here, but I wanted to set the stage by appealing to those who read this blog. We are extremely blessed in that we live in an age of limitless content. All kinds of people can come together and share their talents and resources with the entire world! That's epic! The internet has the power of bring us together; of showing us our shared human experiences, or appealing to our empathy and galvanizing our desire to help others. Yet there are many disadvantages such as social isolation, depression, fanaticism, people-worshiping etc., that evolve from the same platform that brings us so much good.

I am one of millions of contributors in this vast community we call cyberspace. I consider myself a competent writer and I believe that I produce quality content, but don't follow me. Whether his blog attracts 2 subscribers or 2 million, no matter how big or popular I become I have no desire to have fans. Support me, but don't follow me...or any other person either. 

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