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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Girl, Where You Been At?

I'm back!
I did sort of just dive back into blogging after a two year hiatus. I figured I should take a moment to update you about my life now, what prompted me to get back online,  and what’s next for the blog. First, I should say that I never stopped blogging. Hard to believe because you can look back a few posts and see that huge two year plus gap from February 9, 2012 to June 6, 2014. No, I still wrote blogs. I typed them out and stored them on my computer, but I never felt like they were good enough. I didn't know what direction to take the blog in, so a lot of what I wrote exists as untitled word documents stored in the recesses of my busted PC. I also thought about the blog a lot. After 5 years of my life dedicated to it, I missed posting. I felt a little incomplete without it. I even wrote, and continue to write, blogs in my head.

While I can’t point to a single thing that got me back online, I can say that during my “break” I still moderated comments. So even though I had almost given up on the blog, it turns out other people still saw it as useful. Then one day a friend sent me the blog of a mutual friend. I loved it! That event led to me review some of my old posts.  Lastly, I got re-inspired by some of my favorite content makers and shakers here on the interwebs and the rest is history. I had the kick in the pants I needed to sign back into the blog! SO I’m back and hopefully back to stay and I have so much to share.  My heart and soul long to write and blogging makes me epically happy.

If you are an observant reader of the blog, you’ll notice it has a different look, that some of the posts have been tweaked (I suck at editing my own stuff) and updates have been added where appropriate. You’ll also notice that some previous entries have been taken down. Some I feel were not well thought out, some no longer reflected my feelings or opinions, and some just sucked. So I am working towards making the blog a better place. I am open to suggestions. While I’m at it, do you think the blog should have a different name? Recall that it went from being “Crystal’s Random Blog” to “Crystal’s Purposeful Blog” to reflect my belief that life has meaning. It is time for new name?

Why did I take a break?  Well, recall that I had been feeling ambivalent about blogging. I didn't know how to take my blog to the next level.  Also recall (recall is the word of the week, people) that I was in graduate school  and working. Then when I graduated (yes, people I didn't stay a drop out. I changed programs and got a Masters in Education—more about that later) I was working two jobs for a while (because I like eating and living indoors) and then I was busy trying to find a real job with benefits. So pretty much my life has been a mad mad mad mad world!

Then 2013 came and it sucked in phenomenal ways that I do not even want to revisit. Suffice it to say that I ended up moving from Ohio, back to my hometown of Baltimore. I have been here for 1 and a half years. One good thing did happen in 2013. Recall (there’s that word again) that I was fat. Well actually I got fatter and then I lost 30 pounds!! I have kept it off for the last year so wish me luck on that. I did end up finding a job here in Maryland as a preschool teacher, which is a whole other can of worms considering that I have never been fond of children.  Let’s just say that I work with some rather dangerous minds, but it’s full-time and I have benefits so it shows that God has a sense of humor.

So what’s next for the blog? I do want to try to post more frequently. Maybe on certain days? I’m leaning towards posting twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays, but you have to promise to be gracious with me, because I have a busy life outside of blogspot. Let me know what you think about more post, and posting on specific days? I am still editing previous articles. Turns out my phone deleted a lot of the cool pictures that I filched from google images, so now I have to go in and try to find other photos.  At least one person wants to see me vlog, but vlogging and me…..well child…..smh...not sure about that one.

To end this rambling article, if you have questions for me leave them in the comment section and I will get back to you. If I get enough I might even do a Q&A. Also feel free to leave suggestions and tell me what you would like to see here on the Purposeful Blog.  I promise to be authentic and to give you the best blog that I can possibly create. So subscribe, comment, share and I will see you later….promise.  

PS. Trying to renovate my blog (which has 90 posts btw) is quite a process so if you come across any broken links, grammar issues, or other problems, will you let me know? Thank you in advance.

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