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Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Hate Fall

This post needs no introduction. I loathe fall. I have always hated fall. I always will hate fall. Let me count the ways.

1) Fall reminds me of "The Fall" as in the fall of humanity. Imagine Adam and Eve leaving their pristine garden home and thrusts into a world where things literally die. Sorta reminds me of fall. Dark, dreary, rainy, Oh and things are dying!

Me in the Summer. See how I glow!!
2) My favorite seasons are Summer and Summer and more Summer. Some people like Spring, but where I live spring is more of a fascinating idea--a nostalgic longing, than it is an actual season. I like almost everything related to summer: warm weather, cuter fashions, longer days, beaches, and beautiful beautiful sunshine! As a warm weather freak and sunshine addict, I have a hard time adjusting to the darkness, sadness, and cold that accompany fall.

3) The main reason I hate fall so much is because it is a prelude to winter. I debate which one I hate the most: winter with its piles of snow and ice and treacherous travel conditions or fall with is a long cold, dark introduction to winters' snow, ice, and treacherous travel conditions. Winter brings a tiny bit of hope because towards its end the days get longer again and we start seeing signs that "Spring" (see reason number 2 for why it's in quotation marks) might be on its way. Fall on the other hand has no such hope. 

4) I stay cold. I am one of those heat on in the summertime, electric blanket using, sweater carrying people who just cannot get enough warmth. In my view, weather in the 70's is ok or great depending on humidity, 80's are perfect! 90's are nice, and 100's are a bit warm but still better than any cold alternative. 

5) I tend to get a little sad this time of year. "Weather" or not (I know bad pun) I have true Seasonal Affective Disorder is up for debate, but this part of the year I have to try extra hard to hold on to my happy. 

6) And the final reason for my strong fall bias is that fall is not summer. In fact, this year it hijacked my summer by coming early :-(

But regardless of the season, I hope you will live blessed. Keep your head up and keep tuning into the blog for more of my particular brand of madness. 

PS: Leave me a message in the comment section and let me know what you think about fall. Or if you share my hatred of fall, how do you cope with it? 

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Linda said...

I hate fall for all the same reasons. I do have seasonal disorder until around Thanksgiving. My then my psyche concedes. ALSO cold makes me extremely ill..