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Sunday, November 16, 2014

18 Free Things That Make Me Happy

I am no optimist and this week has not really been a good one. It would be easy to sit here and mope and count all the things that suck about the world and my corner of the universe. Instead, I'd like to list some of the small free things that bring me happiness. These are not listed in any particular order. If you have had a bad week, I encourage you to write a list like this too.  If you want to add to my list feel free to write in the comment section. Here we go:

1) Kitty Kat Kisses. Anything involving cats really. I like nuzzles, headbutts, and paw shakes.

2) The sound of waves crashing against the

3) The smell of hot chocolate, coffee, or fresh baked goods

4) The feel of the warm sun on my skin. It's like getting a hug from nature

5) The scent after the rain

6) Watching snow fall from the confines of my warm cozy house

7) The pleasure of a really good book

8) The fresh joy the comes from making someone laugh

9) Tasting something new and discovering that I like it

10) Long hot baths or showers after a stress-filled day

11) The endorphin high after I've worked out

12) The feeling of accomplishment after I've gotten my to-do list done

13) A memorable conversation

14) Clear blue skies

15) A surprisingly good movie

16) The therapy of writing

17) Cake (nuff said)

18) You! Knowing that someone in the universe cares to read what I have to say brings me immense pleasure

See you next week. I hope it's a good week for both you and me!

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