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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paint Night

 Last month I did something I've never done before: I went to a paint and sip event. Turns out these events are a big deal and several companies have launched all over the nation to meet the demand of folk like me who enjoy them. Paint and sip is exactly what it sounds like. You go to a venue--typically a restaurant or bar, where there is an art instructor, paint supplies, and of course a drink menu. (You can really order whatever you want because purchases from the restaurant are not usually included. I don't drink and I don't endorse drinking).

In in the DMV area there are two paint and sip companies that I know of: Paint Nite and Pub and Paint. I did Paint Nite for my girlfriend's birthday and it was a blast. Now let me tell you that I am the least artistic person God has ever made. I mean I can't even color! Of course I thought this was going to be a disaster, but to my surprise I found myself really getting into it. Just take your time and don't be afraid of making mistakes. No one expects you to be Picasso. It's all for fun. 

The venue is typically set up with individual work stations containing a canvass, a cup of water, paintbrushes, and plates for paint and mixing paint. 

My brother

 Me trying to look as artsy as possible

The artist will explain step by step what you need to do.

Paint plate 

My girlfriend and my brother 

I felt so proud of myself. I painted a moon!!!!!!

See how basic they make it. The picture evolves a little bit at a time. The artist tells you exactly what brush to use, how to hold your brush, how much paint to put on it. etc. 

My tree looks pregnant.  

I got compliments on my branches. I'm a branch-painting genius!

And then add the little blooms 

My brother was so anal about his tree. 

The artist's painting

Mine.   Not bad. Now I have this whole new interest in art I never had before. 

See how each picture is similar but unique. Each artists brings something special to his/her painting

My advice it so show up on time! The painting starts promptly as scheduled. If you miss the beginning you miss important instructions essential to your success. Also wear something you don't mind spilling paint on. And lastly don't drink the water--seriously at least one person usually ends up drinks from the paintbrush cleaning cup. Acrylic paint does not taste good. Oh and I forgot to mention, the event last about 2 hours.

Overall, I loved Paint Nite. I loved the atmosphere, the instructor was knowledgeable and funny, and the servers were on point. My only point of criticism would be the price. At just over $46, I recommend shopping Groupon for a discount--which is what we did. We ended up spending $25 a piece which is a lot more reasonable. Hey, you're not taking a college class, your just doing some recreational painting. I plan to do another Paint Nite later this month. Thanks to my girl Diamond for introducing me to this soon-to-be new hobby. 

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